Would you rather pay more each year for the same amount of electricity or less? Switching to solar provides you the best opportunity to avoid current and future rate increases. With a locked in monthly payment you can better budget and spend that extra money on more important items.

The average homeowner spent over $36,000 in electricity during the past 20yrs. There is no Return on Investment with electricity. As a basic necessity homeowners pay their electricity bill knowing they will never get anything in return except keeping the lights on. Swapping out that electricity bill with a monthly payment for your solar system you will start and someday make the final payment to own your electricity.

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frequently asked questions

In many situations residential installs are done on your roof but ground-mounted systems are also common. Silfab panels can be utilized in either application. Please discuss this with your installer during your initial solar assessment

Benefits differ by region but the most common is called net metering. Net metering allows you to offset your power needs by using the power you generate from your array instead of paying the utility. In addition, when you produce more than you are using, the utility will “store” the power on their grid until you need it later that day (when the sun has set). That is why it is referred to as net metering.

Net metering refers to the regulatory program where you can export your excess electricity to the grid temporarily until your demand exceeds your generation. Once demand exceeds generation, your home uses that stored electricity from the grid at no charge.

Your installer will handle all permitting issues related to installing your RiverTowne solar system.

From start to finish, the solar installation process will take anywhere from 2 to 6 months, most of it waiting for government incentives and permitting to be approved. The actual on-site installation only takes a couple of days with minimal inconvenience.

With very few moving parts, a solar system is relatively maintenance free. An occasional cleaning of panels will ensure optimal performance

Solar panels have no moving parts or onerous maintenance requirements. A gentle cleaning once in a while is all that is necessary.